Over the past few weeks, our pastor's wife has mentioned that God keeps showing her that the path is narrow. While I have always heard phrases around the fact that the gate is wide and the path is narrow, I've never put much thought in to what that means exactly. I mean, I have, but only about ankle deep. In other words, I know that, as Christians, we have to stay on the "straight and narrow" following Christ, but what is "narrow" and what does that mean exactly.

Man, just sitting here, I see the edge of the cliff I am about to step off, and probably won't even begin to touch the surface, but here goes. As Christians, we know that we have accepted Christ as our savior. We know that he shed his blood for our sins. Knowing that, living in his light should not be a complicated thing. It shouldn't be a forced thing. We should live that way BECAUSE he died for our sins. With that being said, we are still human and we are not without fault. The path before us is ultimately leading to our maker because we have accepted Jesus as our savior. Does that mean we can go about life as we were? No. We have to be knowledgeable of our ways. We have to love, as that is what we are called to do. We have to shine the light of Jesus so that others can see it in us. We have to strive to avoid the distractions of humanity. While the road is before us, so are the side paths, the low lying limbs, and the detour signs purposely set before us like Wile E. Coyote changing the sign to send the RoadRunner off the cliff. We have to be wise our surroundings and be careful not to be detoured or distracted to make decisions that will pull us off the path.

Still free falling here and no site of landing lol. What are those detours and distractions, you might ask. Most likely its things you participate or encounter daily. Social media posts. Have you ever seen a post that pulled your mind so hard your neck stretched and your muscles tensed up? Daily? yeah, me too. The wisdom in me tells me to put it down. Walk away. The physical tells me to let 'em have it. You have to be aware. What about television shows or movies that portray violence or evil spirits? Who doesn't like a good action movie or horror, right? I'm guilty. In fact, I've watched entire series, with my extra sense (that's my conscious) telling me I need to step away. I'm easily affected by things like this so I don't partake in it often. Music is the same way. When I was growing up, Tipper Gore started the Parents Music Resource Center because of the lyrics portrayed in some of the music being released. I stood against Tipper Gore and her PMRC because I listened to that music and I wasn't a violent kid. It didn't make me want to kill anyone or myself. I get it. While I was one that was in it for the music, many were in it for the words. Every day, we are being tugged and pulled by the media, our friends, even our family to step off the path. We have to be aware.

In the short time I've been thinking about he phrase, "that path is narrow", I realize that for the longest time, I thought the path was wider than I do now. In reality, I was walking along the edge of the road in the brambles and ditches. I was on the white line, so to speak, getting slapped about the head and shoulders with all the briars of life. Honestly, that's God's grace. We can be all over the edge of that path, as long as we realize where it is and work to stay on it. God loves us. God has already forgiven us. As long as we are working to stay on the path instead of working to stay close to the path, we are on the right path.