Hello. I'm Michael Lanier.

Honestly, I'm a guy that has grown up loving to hear what others have to say. As a kid, I would mow yards of the elderly in my community and spend more time sitting and listening to them tell their stories than I spent mowing yards. Years later, I am a nurse that believes that listening to the patient's stories is as much of the diagnosis process as the thermometer and stethoscope. Ask my son and he will tell you that daddy knows someone everywhere we go. Ask me, and I might not have known them, but I love to talk to them.

My passion is story telling. Whether it's written, verbal, or through imagery, I love to share with others what I can. God is the top of the hierarchy, and then comes my beautiful wife, two daughters, and my son. My wife is my inspiration and is the best advertisement anyone could ask for and my son has developed the love of taking pictures as well.