The book of Acts, then and now

Over the past couple of weeks, our pastor has been "geeking" out on Acts. This past Wednesday, we discussed Acts 19 where Paul is in Ephesus teaching about Jesus. While many are converting and turning from their sinful ways and other idols, many are attempting to gain from it or worry about their inability to do so. You have merchants and artisans that make a living off creating a selling false idols. They're concerned that if everyone turns to Jesus, they'll lose a dollar. You have the Seven Sons of Sceva trying to take Pauls popularity and cash in on it. Why not? Paul and his followers are performing miracles, why can't they throw some magic and gain popularity too?

Fast forward to today. We still have society molded around the cast of currency. If its making money and you threaten it, you are on the uphill trek. If you go with the flow, speak the speak and walk the walk, you have less resistance. Where are you? Do you stand firmly in your beliefs, or do you mold and sway to the latest trend and financial current?